Serendipity strives to be a happy, intentionally uncurrated vintage, antique and home decor venue for customers to shop, have fun and be inspired. Serendipity provides a blend of product offerings in a warm, inviting way and we're always looking to go the extra mile for our customers!

Our Story

Serendipity's founders Maurice and Leanna have a love of retail that spans a combined 45 years of experience. Their first vintage retail venture in Kansas City was at Urban Mining, the very first First Friday venue in the city. From there they began showcasing their antique and vintage items at Good JuJu when it was the only venue in what is now Kansas City's premier vintage and antique shopping district, The Historic West Bottoms. They are also co-founders and remain financial partners in Top Hat Mercantile. 


Our Shop - Grandmother's Pantry

Maurice and Leanna began their personal business, Grandmother's Pantry, in 2001 doing small batches of pickled beets from a family recipe. The jars were packed and sealed in their kitchen and cooled on the dining room table. Since then Grandmother's Pantry has grown to a line of 28 products from homemade chowchow and no sugar added jams to the businesses' number 1 best seller - Candied Jalapenos. The packaging process has now moved to a commercial kitchen with state-of-the-art stainless steel vats and capable hands who pack the jars. In addition to the food products, Maurice and Leanna travel long distances to various sales and auctions, crawl into hay lofts or dig in cellars to find interesting pieces that are either painted or offered in original condition in the store.  

While you're in Serendipity be sure to check out their tasty line of jams, jellies and pickles from Grandmother's Pantry!