Serendipity Inspirations - How to Use Scrap Pieces to Create a Custom Cash Wrap

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Serendipity is the creativeness of our vendors. Using scrap and salvaged supplies from two of our vendors - The Wood Brothers and Little Man Enterprises we turned a $15 thrift find into a one-of-a-kind, truly original cash wrap in our expanded space on the south side of the shop. 

A close up of the pieces we used on the cash wrap. 

We started with a buffet that we found at a sale. It had no drawers and only one cubby door, so it was in pretty rough shape, but the bones were still good! We turned the side of the buffet without the drawers toward cashier and set it up to house our supplies, wrapping paper and bags.

Next we affixed a piece of beautifully rusted and patina-heavy tin to the front.

Raw pieces of tin ready for your projects! 

On either side of the piece of tin we placed a shutter. 

Shutters available in our lower mezzanine. 

The final thing that tied the piece together and rounded out any rough edges was a piece of beadboard we placed along the top of the metal sheet that acts as trim.

Beadboards and salvaged trim for projects.

The actual hard work on this project was done by our handy and clever vendor Bob from The Wood Brothers.

We could have spent hundreds of dollars on a much "finer" cash wrap, but we enjoyed the challenge of putting this one together and sharing the process with you. Isn't the final result stunning?!

Completed cash wrap. 

If this piece inspired you, don't worry, we didn't use up all the cool salvaged and scrap pieces in the store! You can find more items, perfect for creative projects, in our lower mezzanine (yes, we realize that 's not a conventional term, but neither are we!)

Find some wonderful and interesting parts and pieces, add your own special imaginative touch and send us photos. We'd love to do a featured on your project!